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DOĞUŞ Ice-Cream Machines has been operating in the field of sales and merchandising of soft ice-cream, frozen yogurt, and Gelato machines since 2010. The company has placed its main keystones on knowledge, reliance, and customer satisfaction combining them with its engineering experience and backgrounds, and the knowledge of business ethics. 

DOĞUŞ Ice-Cream Machines company is the brand owner and the importer of TRIOMAX branded soft ice-cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato machines. Our products and machines are indisputably one of the best in this business around the world which has led us to sign a contract of distributorship with the Italian giant GELMATIC.

GELMATIC has been producing soft ice-cream and frozen yogurt machines since 1972 with more than 100 models and been providing services with 141 distributors around the world. With our partner, GELMATIC, we present the difference in quality, taste, and the rapid and easy use feature of a real Italian machine to our customers. By participating side by side in many fairs and exhibitions in many places in the world with GELMATIC, our company now is in the leader position in Turkey when it comes to the concepts of soft ice-cream and frozen yogurt. 


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