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Soft Dondurma, Frozen Yoğurt

HV 153 HTP

0,00 TL

It is a footed model you can use for production of frozen yoghurt and Soft ice-cream. Since it is a single-tapped model, you can produce one type product. Due to the geared system pump the machine has, rising up to 80-90% is available. It is very practical with its electromechanic panel. It enables you to serve 455 portions (70 gr) per hour. It is an air-cooled model. With the mixers it has, soft ice-cream and frozen yoghurt materials stay homogeneous all the time. With its pastorization function, the washing period of your machine will expand and the usage period of the product inside the machine will increase.The compressor inside the machine is Dorin branded. High performance water condensers are used on our machines as an example of our environmental awareness. These condensers reduce the water and gas amount in order to comply with the environmental standards. With 3 kw energy consumption, its energy wastage is far below its class. Refrigerating systems are designed in such a way that they keep the ice-cream in the correct temperature even in the hottest days.


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